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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Georgia

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Georgia

Things To Do After Motorcycle Accidents - Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Georgia

Immediately after motorcycle accident, you might find yourself in a distorted emotional state. While collecting your thoughts, remaining tranquil and making sense about what happened may be quite challenging. And the steps that you take following the accident might have noteworthy repercussions in regards to your insurance coverage and subsequent legal dispute. Do your most excellent to logically approach the experience, and avoid saying just anything - or acting - that might be understood as admitting guilt. So, for your best chances at claiming damage and proving innocence, stick to the following guidelines by Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Georgia:

Check for Injuries

The first thing that you should do following an accident is to check yourself and others involved in the accident for injuries. Call 911 immediately if you, other driver, passengers, or everybody is hurt. You’ll not be held liable for the accident just because you made the call for assistance.

Take Photos First

Make sure that the scene is enough safe to take photos, so you don’t cause further damages, or risk safety of others or yourself. If you’ve technology on hand, like a camera or a cell phone, take photos from a range of angles. Documenting motorcycle, other vehicles involved, and surrounding environment may be helpful during the court case or with insurance.

Move Your Bike Away from the Road - Motorcycle Accident Attorney Georgia

Whether you can take pictures successfully or not, move your bike away from road as quickly as it’s safe. Leaving your motorcycle on road is a hazard to the oncoming traffic. The approaching drivers don’t know that there has been any accident. Unexpected vehicles and debris in the road, especially at night, may lead to additional accidents and injuries, for which you might be held liable.

Collect As Much Information As Possible - Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you didn’t call 911 for assistance, call your local police. The police officer will reach at the accident scene to draw up the police report. It will be an imperative official document to prove the details of your own case. Protect your possible compensation for damages and legal rights by collecting important information. Talk with witnesses, other drivers, passengers, and police officer. Collect the following, so that you’ve everything you require:

  • Contact information, names and phone number or email address, of all the witnesses
  • Involved Vehicle information, including: license plate numbers, its make and model
  • The name, badge number and contact details of the police officer
  • Police report’s number
  • Contact details for other driver, including name, phone number, address, and email address
  • Vehicle identification numbers for any and all involved vehicles

Call Your Insurance Company’s Agent - Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Call up your insurance agent after your accident right away. Be prepared to provide them all the information you’ve gathered for streamlined experience. Keep in mind, don’t admit fault to anybody, including your insurer. If your agent inquires about your injuries or motorcycle damages, insist that you’ll wait to provide the information until you’ve visited your doctor and taken your motorcycle to a professional repair person. Underestimating your damages can decrease your rightful reward.

Contact Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You may require an experienced attorneys or a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney law firm for a range of reasons following your motorcycle accident. If you’re innocent, but other parties claim that the motorcycle accident was your mistake, if your insurer denies your claim, the damages exceed the limit of your insurance policy, or you’ve incurred rigorous physical injuries and linked costs, a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Georgia can help. Get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Georgia in your area to obtain your fair compensation for damages.